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The air conditioner manufacturing company that manufactures various air conditioners in Iran has been working hard to meet the needs of the country for many years. With over 40 years of manufacturing and manufacturing experience, the factory has always striven to update its technology and information as a credible manufacturer not only in Iran, but also worldwide.


The factory was established in 1978 by producing a ceiling heater unit similar to the German Bush model for the Idem Tabriz plant, and then received the honorary badge from the governorate of East Azerbaijan and the license to operate the Ministry of Industry in 1993.



Air Conditioning Factory of Idrisi, Member of Iranian Industrial Engineering Association, Air Conditioning Manufacturers Association, Engineering Organization of Iran, and Iran and Italy Opening Room. In addition, the company has been selected as the selected unit of the festival of culture and industry.

Part of the honors of the company this year

  • The standard holder and the International Quality Award and After Sales Service Award from the European Union in 2018
  • The winner of the national genius and directorate of Iranian engineering in the industry of ITEC 2018
  • The Gold Star holder will be the first in the design of modern air conditioner equipment and systems in 2018
  • The holder of the golden tablet is the permanent figure of industry, mining and trade in 2018
  • The holder of the name “Best Brand” from the Iranian Brand Confederation in 2018


With the help of its well-equipped laboratory and modern testing machines, the factory has always tried to make sure that the consumer is confident enough to use the products of this plant in order to adapt theoretical calculations to practical data.


Advantages such as warranty, after-sales service, prompt delivery, timely delivery of projects, advice on choosing the right device, designing a particular type of device, taking into account the customer’s demands and design in the design, etc., is also an endorsement to ensure everything Most of our dear customers, “The quality of our product always guarantees your trust.”


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For years, the first steps have been taken, and the useful function of many years of our own devices is proof of our work, and now, with a view to the future, and given the rapid technological advancement, we hope we can always be a dynamic pole in the field of air conditioning. Be

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